May 1, 2021 | Bathroom remodelling

Bathroom Re-Modelling Ideas on Budget




After researching and seeing all the expenses of a bathroom remodeling project, completing it on a lower or limited budget might seem impossible. If you follow popular home remodeling cultures, it will seem like these renovations must cost five figures, and all the things in there must be replaced or ripped away. But the good news here is you can make your bathroom look cool and relaxable without spending mega-bucks.

 According to our research, an average remodeling will cost you around $10,000, whereas an upscale remodeling will cost more than $25,000. It is actually up to you to make your bathroom look, how comfortable it will be, and what materials you want to choose. But keep in mind that his kind of renovations will never go in vain and increase your house’s value instead. So, determine how much you want to spend on your project to determine what changes you can bring. We are here to help you a bit more and lead you some steps ahead, which will help you remodel and get your preferable bathroom on a budget.


 See if you can limit your tile:

You can start with this expensive element and minimize the use it. Tiles can be pretty expensive themselves, and it also adds the cost of installation. Try to use this element on high-impact areas like the floor and shower stall walls. You can also tile one horizontal strip and color the rest.

 If you have already chosen an expensive tile, you can still use it but with a combination of other cheaper tiles. Also, look for tiles at a discount, and you can save here some more bucks for buying the same quality at a lower price.

 Consider look-alike materials:

 It is always considered an excellent way to save money if you can refurbish and retain your existing materials. But if you set your heart on changing them, try going for inexpensive alternatives. These materials are much lower in price but look almost the same and increase the beauty of your bathroom.

You try luxury vinyl flooring instead of wooden flooring as an alternative. If you want a countertop having a natural look of stone, you can go for high-definition laminate and quartz countertops instead of granite. To create the look of marble, go for alternate options like Faux-stone ceramic and porcelain tile backsplashes.

Finish your tub:

If you want to think from an accost saving standpoint, consider changing your bathtub as a last option. What you can do is try relining and refinishing your old bathtub. If the problem is the yellow surface e of the tub, refinishing will solve the problem. As we mentioned already, bathrooms and shower liner are never a permanent fix and not cheap. Liners need professional installation and hold for few years. So refinishing is the better and more affordable choice here which looks good too.

Don’t change your plumbing position:

you might not be aware of this fact, but changing your plumbing position or adding new waterpipes will overflow your budget. The pipes also have a good lifespan and do not need to be changed. For copper pipes, the lifespan is around 70-80 years; for Brass Pipes, it’s about 80-100 years, and for Galvanized Steel Pipes, the lifespan is 80-100 years. Besides, the work itself is callous and time-consuming. You have to choose very experiencedly and expert workers which will also cost you a good amount of money. So think very carefully and relocate the plumbing system if you must, otherwise just redo the exterior.


Re-painting is the cheapest and perhaps, the best way that should be chosen to give your bathroom a new look. This way, you have to spend a lot and get a comfortable bathroom by playing with colors.

If you are a DIY person and confident enough to do it yourself, you can go for it, but you have to keep some warnings in mind. Although the bathroom is the smallest room of the house and seems like the painting can be done in no time, it is not the truth. There are many fixtures and kinds of stuff in the walls, and all over the place, so the painting has to be done very slowly and carefully with a steady hand around the tub, the window, the corners of the wall, switch plates, and the floor. Another fact to keep in mind is choosing the color. It has to go with your lifestyle. Try to go with bright colors to start afresh and confident day every day.

Moisture is one more important fact that is needed to be considered while painting the bathroom. Try to choose high-quality paint with a satin finish since it is a place of rapid temperature changes and lets you develop mold and mildew.

Don’t forget to install accessible outlets:

While trying to make the bathroom classy, don’t forget to make it effective. So you can add an intelligent cabinet with a mirror on, which can also be used to keep all the things organized in the bathroom. This can also help us in small bathrooms because we can’t stay much space for storage. 

This will help you organize the bathroom and make it look tidier. This way, we don’t have to look for extra brushes, a hairdryer, or a trimmer outside the bathroom. 


No matter how much nature we have in the bathroom, good bathroom lighting is needed to make the bathroom bright even at nighttime and create pleasant and comfortable surroundings. If we want our bathroom to look beautiful but within budget, there are no other options than LED lighting. We can find LED lights referring to our taste and style at a meager price. When it comes to saving energy, LED lights are also taking away the fame here.


To take the bathroom to the next level, it is unnecessary to spend a lot in it. We can make it comfortable and better by following some tips and doing proper research. It is not necessary that a smaller bathroom will cost less and a bigger one will cost more. Every remodeling process has cheaper options. These are the best ways to get our dream bathroom within our budget amount.




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