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Bathroom Remodeling In Houston

Looking for some quick fixes to give the house a new lease of life? Let’s begin with the bathroom. Developing a hyper-functional bathroom designs Houston necessitates a great deal of space planning as well as careful consideration of equipment’s and materials. If somebody is considering selling their house in the near future, they should keep in mind that purchasers value a well-designed, renovated bathroom.

Effective Bathroom Renovations for Modernization

It might be stressful to do daily ablutions in a cluttered, ugly area with old, inadequate fixtures. Some of the fantastic perks of a remodeling include relaxing in a claw-foot tub and drying off with warm towels. A new toilet or shower may breathe new life into the space with the modern touches one expects. The addition of new flooring or tiling to a bathroom may bring it into the twenty-first century while also making it easier to clean. Organizational elements may also assist maintain the bathroom appearing tidy by providing storage for the personal items that used to clutter the packed sink counter.

There are various advantages to remodeling a bathroom in Houston. First and foremost, a restroom that better meets everyone’s needs and design style is required. A refurbished bathroom, on the other hand, might raise the home’s worth, which means more money in pocket.

Average cost for bathroom remodel in Houston

Whether anyone live in a bungalow in Houston Heights, a Craftsman cottage in Montrose, or a downtown apartment, now is the time to make the house and all of its spaces as pleasant as possible. Making a budget is one of the first tasks in any remodeling. The cost of bathroom remodeling in Houston, Texas ranges from $6,000 to $41,000, depending on the size of the bathroom and the scope of the project.

The total cost of a partial bathroom makeover in Houston is $4,150 (ranging from $2,300 to $6,000). Replacing the toilet, vanity, and some tile work, as well as repainting, are examples of this sort of refurbishment. A complete bathroom remodel entails removing practically everything from the room and replacing it with a new toilet, sink, tub, shower, tiling, lighting, and outlets.

Bathroom Remodeling Contractor in Houston

A bathroom remodel may quickly improve the quality of life and increase the value of the property in Houston. However, finding the correct bathroom renovation contractor is the first step. A excellent communicator, planner, problem solver, and project manager are all qualities of a good contractor. They try to understand the ideas before assembling a team of qualified specialists to carry out the bathroom renovation plan within the timeline and budget you set.

Three or more-bathroom contractors should be interviewed

It will be easier to locate the contractor in Houston who is the best fit for the task if a larger number of contractors are interviewed. It is also possible to have a larger selection of bids to pick from.


Examine the work of the contractor in the past

Bathroom contractors usually bring a picture gallery of prior bathroom remodels, either in a picture book or on a screen, to the interview. It is preferable to look at the contractor’s portfolio on their website or on contractor-matching services to which they are a member.

Make it clear what the contractor’s responsibilities are

Speak with the bathroom contractor for information about what will be completed throughout the project in Houston even before the contract is set up.

Obtain written estimates

For either the homeowner or the bathroom contractor, verbal estimates are worthless. It’s absolutely acceptable to request a verbal estimate from a bathroom contractor.


If talking to a bathroom renovation business about planning a new bathroom remodel, one might want to think about some luxurious bathroom renovations to add comfort, ambience, usefulness, and value to the house.

Heated Towel Rack

Heated towel rails are well worth it if anyone is searching for a little more warmth in the winter and a space-saving storage solution for the towels. Rather of suddenly finishing the shower, wrap up in a towel placed in a warming drawer to extend the relaxing experience.

Storage Solutions

As part of the experience, luxury bathrooms provide plenty of storage. A luxurious bath has a place for everything, so that people can spend less time looking for their favorite toiletries and more time resting and appreciating the surroundings.


Luxury bathrooms are not only capable of handling a lot of light, but they also require it. In a luxury bathroom redesign, both natural and artificial light should be used. Why not install a whole row of windows or a skylight? Lighting, along with those all-important finishing accents, is one of the finest ways to distinguish a luxury bath.

Smart Technology

There seems to be an app for everything these days, and we can thank the innovators who have applied that notion to toilet technology. When creating a state-of-the-art designer bathroom, adding LCD touch screens to replace traditional room controls, as well as smart showers, smart toilets, and smart mirrors, are all possibilities.

Water fixtures and high-end plumbing

Adding high-end fixtures and fittings to the bathroom will keep the theme of luxury running throughout the project. Any bathroom may be transformed rapidly by simply replacing outdated sinks, shower heads, tap-ware, toilets, and bathtubs. However, to obtain a harmonious design, use fixtures and fittings that complement the colors and materials used throughout the area.

Bathroom Renovations of Various Types

Looking at the bathroom and trying to figure out what kind of renovation would be best? There are many different types of bathroom makeovers to select from. Depending on the state of the bathroom, it may be possible to make a few adjustments and be happy with the results.

Master Bathroom Renovations

Although master bathrooms are frequently used by two or more people, the His & Hers style, which includes double vanities, mirrors, and shower heads, is quite popular. A master bath should be designed to pamper the user, with exquisite touches and a calm sanctuary nestled away from the bustling world for relaxing and privacy.

En suite Bathroom Renovations

When it comes to remodeling an En suite bathroom, making the most of the available space and storage is crucial. Sliding doors may provide more space in a room while also offering storage to regions that are frequently underutilized. Multiple mirrors, when utilized appropriately, may serve to generate visual appeal by reflecting light and generating contrast.

Three-Quarter Bathroom Renovations

Shower, sink, toilet, and storage are all standard features of a three-quarter bathroom. While the surfaces and fittings in these bathrooms are often plain, with skilled guidance, even the most basic bathroom may be converted into a calm hideaway.

Powder Room or Half-Bath Renovations

A powder room, although being the smallest of all the bathrooms, may be highly useful. Because space is limited in a powder room, the arrangement must be efficient in order to avoid appearing or feeling tight.

Bathroom remodeling ideas

Bathroom and kitchen remodeling both cause stress, missed deadlines, and hefty expenditures for homeowners. While it may seem impossible, a beautiful yet cost-effective bathroom redesign is quite achievable.

Marble Masterpiece

Marble is usually a fantastic choice for bathroom design since it is both classic and beautiful. It’s classic, adds value to the house, and it’s really stunning. Marble absorbs a lot of water because it’s a soft stone.

White Modern Bathroom

Clean white lines and a few organic elements may completely transform the aesthetic of your bathroom. Continuous flooring and white wall tiles across the room will give the bathroom a polished and clean appearance.

Pebbles of Wonder

The appearance may be further enhanced with pebble flooring and a slim pebble column on the wall. It will transport to a sandy beach where it may wash away the salt. Switch from a silky obsession to a pebblish one.

Small Functional Bathroom

It will save some space, especially if the house is a small dwelling. Long vertical clear glass walls can help to generate a sensation of spaciousness. Mosaic tiles may also be utilized to enliven the look and personality of a bathroom.

Minimal Spa Bathroom

The essence of luxury isn’t always found in a large place, but rather in the absence of what isn’t required. The lack of room will be compensated for by a free-standing tub, a classic marble countertop, and a refurbished chandelier.

Waterfall Style Walk-in Shower

Isn’t it wonderful and rewarding to shower beneath a tropical waterfall? So, one slanted wall can be luxurious, while the other can be a roughhewn natural stone wall.

How to keep Bathroom remodeling cost within Budget

Given the exorbitant expense of bathroom remodeling, it pays to think outside the box and look for more cost-effective solutions. Affordable upgrades done correctly can add value, however badly finished upgrades might depreciate the value of the house.

Make Use of Low-Cost Lookalikes

Keeping and renovating existing materials is always the most cost-effective alternative. However, when it comes to replacing materials, low-cost replacements may often pass for the real thing.

Instead of replacing the tub, refinish it

Bathtub refinishing is less expensive and generally results in a better-looking tub. Bathtub and shower liners are not as inexpensive as they appear, and they are never a permanent solution. Liners, which require professional installation, will last for several years.

The Wooden Floor Can Be Painted

If the bathroom has a hardwood floor, it can be covered with a more moisture-resistant flooring like tile, sheet vinyl, or luxury vinyl plank. Solid hardwood, on the other hand, should not be the first option for bathroom flooring.

Rather of refinishing the tub, touch it up

A tub touch-up is the next stage after resurfacing the complete tub surface. The tub can be spot repaired if it has nicks, gouges, or flaking paint.


Resist the urge to relocate major plumbing fixtures

Keep the bathroom and shower facilities where they are to save money. There’s no need to relocate the plumbing when its existing position meets all of the requirements. Any renovation job that involves moving water supply and/or drainage automatically increases the cost.

How much does a bathroom renovation contribute to the value of a home?

Most renovations increase the value of a property in Houston, and understanding how much this may be will help us justify the cost of a redesign. According to the National Association of Realtors’ (NAR) 2019 Remodeling Impact Report, bathroom renovations are the most popular of all home modifications. According to the Remodeling Magazine 2018 Cost vs. Value Report, a mid-range bathroom redesign costs around $19,000, while a premium bathroom remodel costs around $62,000. Renovations in the medium recuperate 67.2 {ddb57a878d87dfb9ba118e3fe1070f9142b6527dadbc49d3b2d4df34ace8e51b} of their expenses upon resale, whereas expensive renovations regain 60.2 {ddb57a878d87dfb9ba118e3fe1070f9142b6527dadbc49d3b2d4df34ace8e51b}.

However, keep in mind that a luxury refurbishment will not yield the same high returns as a low- to mid-range one in Houston. The National Association of the Remodeling Industry claims that if a bathroom makeover is done well, homeowners will return 50{ddb57a878d87dfb9ba118e3fe1070f9142b6527dadbc49d3b2d4df34ace8e51b} of their investment.

Is there a suitable time to schedule bathroom renovation work – does the season have an impact?

So, it’s time for a bathroom renovation, but when is the best time to do it? A bathroom redesign is greatly influenced by the season. Although many people identify spring with house repairs and renovations, there are several compelling reasons why one might choose a different season for this undertaking.

Spring Bathroom Remodel

While doing the spring cleaning, many homeowners in Houston start thinking about renovation projects. People spend a lot more time indoors throughout the winter, so it’s natural to be looking forward to a change as the winter season draws to a conclusion and the first indications of spring begin to show, inspiring rejuvenation.

However, because this may be a highly busy season for re modelers, it’s best to start planning as soon as possible. Late spring is one of the busiest seasons in Houston for contractors in Houston since the weather improves just as some homeowners receive tax returns that can be used to finance the price of their improvements.

Summer Bathroom Remodel

Contractors in Houston find it more pleasant to work during the summer months since the days are longer and the weather is nicer, so this may be a busy time for them. Many homeowners choose to schedule bathroom renovations for the summer months when they will be out of town, so they will not have to be present when the work is being done and will be able to live with one fewer bathroom.

Although the summer is an excellent season for a bathroom makeover in Houston, the increased demand for renovations at this time of year may result in lengthier wait times and more issues with the availability of specific materials and parts. Both of these things have the potential to affect our timetable.


Fall Bathroom Remodel

Fall is also a busy season for bathroom remodeling contractors, as many people want to get their homes in order before the holidays, especially if they intend to host family or other visitors.

Although finding a contractor with a rapid turnaround at this period may be challenging, with a little forethought, we should be able to complete the project.

Winter Bathroom Remodel

With many homes improvement work being performed in the summer and fall, and most individuals attempting to conserve money after the holiday spending, contractors tend to be less busy following the holiday rush in Houston. So, starting any bathroom makeover shortly after Thanksgiving or Christmas might be a fantastic idea.

Furthermore, during the calm season, the costs of appliances and materials tend to drop a little, which can result in considerable savings. Showrooms are also quieter, enabling customers to browse items in a more comfortable setting while giving store workers more time to go through the many alternatives.

Common Bathroom Renovation Mistakes

Bathroom remodeling is a satisfying experience. Adding our own personality to an area we use on a daily basis may boost overall personal enjoyment as well as the value of the property. These advantages, however, can only be fully appreciated if we can overcome some of the most prevalent bathroom remodeling issues.

Layout is poor

One of the most typical mistakes made while renovating a bathroom is picking the incorrect layout for the area. The placement of the toilet, in particular, is frequently problematic, with difficulties such as being too near to the wall for adequate plumbing or being in direct line of sight from the entrance.

Inadequate Lighting

A common problem we notice in bathroom renovations is that there isn’t enough illumination. Because the bathroom is where we groom ourselves, it’s critical to be able to see what we’re doing. Furthermore, a lack of lighting may make the entire place appear dismal and drab, so make sure there is plenty of light to keep things happy.

Inadequate ventilation

Lacking appropriate ventilation is one of the most common issues we notice in bathroom renovations. The shower produces a lot of warm, damp air, which creates an excellent habitat for mold to thrive in the bathroom. To avoid mold problems, we must make sure we have a ventilation system that can absorb all of the moisture and exhaust it to the outside.




Keeping up with the latest fads

Don’t we all want to be on the cutting edge of fashion? However, if the trend is only a temporary craze, this might be a costly affair.

If we want a long-term solution, we have to use a timeless design that will remain relevant throughout time. An evergreen design will never go out of style, and it is easy to keep up with without seeming antiquated.

Materials that aren’t appropriate

It’s necessary to use materials that can endure a lot of wetness. The bathroom is perhaps the wettest room in the house. Because we’re doing all of our cleaning, washing, and bathing in one little space, the surfaces are sure to get wet. Wood, metal, and porous materials are all subject to decay, rust, and bacterial growth. That is why selecting the appropriate materials for the vanity top, cabinet, and tiles is critical to ensuring a long-lasting bathroom.

Taking Up Too Much Room

While it’s lovely to have everything on the wish list in our bathroom, it’s not always practical. We run the danger of cramming our bathroom to the point of discomfort. Cleaning becomes more difficult in an overcrowded environment since there are simply too many stuffs in such a limited space.

Can we do bathroom remodeling by ourselves

Is it a smart idea to rebuild a bathroom by ourselves? Expenses can quickly mount up. Here’s how to figure out if we should do it ourselves or pay a pro.

Why we should consider DIY

  • We are on a tight budget and want to save on the cost of labor.
  • Have sufficient knowledge and abilities to undertake a bathroom renovation job on our own.
  • We could wish to make simple improvements, such as changing a faucet or painting the walls.

The ability to save money is one of the key reasons why most homeowners choose to renovate their bathrooms themselves. During a DIY bathroom makeover, anyone can save money by laying their own tile, painting, refinishing a tub, purchasing and installing their own fixtures, and taking care of other exterior repairs and remodeling.

A DIY bathroom makeover should be quite simple for an experienced DIYer. Things may become hairy when it comes to electrical and plumbing work. The job has a higher chance of running efficiently if the plumbing is in good shape and the wiring is already installed. We can save 10{ddb57a878d87dfb9ba118e3fe1070f9142b6527dadbc49d3b2d4df34ace8e51b} by purchasing our own fixtures instead of paying the 10{ddb57a878d87dfb9ba118e3fe1070f9142b6527dadbc49d3b2d4df34ace8e51b} markup that pros charge in Houston.



When to hire a Professional

  • When we are unable to commit sufficient time to a project.
  • There is some electrical and plumbing work to be done.
  • The bathroom is undergoing major structural alterations.
  • Changing out the shower or tub.

If one doesn’t have the expertise or skill set to execute the DIY bathroom redesign, they should call a professional. A bathroom redesign takes a lot of time. Even if skilled specialists work 8 or more hours each day on a bathroom redesign, it can take up to 4 or 5 weeks to finish in Houston.

A DIYer can only work on it in their own time or on weekends, and it will take much longer. Building rules and whether a permit is required for a bathroom makeover are common to professional electricians and plumbers. It’s essential to hire a professional if we’re changing the footprint and layout of the bathroom.

Installing a new shower or tub may be a difficult task that requires knowledge of plumbing, contracting, and tiling. Because of the complexities of this job, someone who is more than capable of levelling and sealing a shower or tub is needed.