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Common Mistakes People Made While Building Custom Houses




Building a custom house is a huge experience, starting from dreaming about it and ending up at the completion. This experience can be a great one most of the time. But in some cases, it is not very unusual for mistakes to occur. As we tend to spend a huge amount of money on custom house projects, the mistakes cost us more. We might don’t understand the problem we will face initially, but it costs us more extra money when we face issues in the long run and redo it.

It’s always better to learn from the people who have already experienced such misfortunes and had to suffer the unpleasant results. Going through this article will help us avoid some of the mistakes in major areas of our home.

While hiring a contractor:

Designing a custom home and planning for it can be so alluring that we sometimes forget some significant facts while hiring a contractor. This is a part that will determine the quality and the experience of the whole building process.

  • Not looking for licenses and credentials:

Summary: The contractors without license does not have the workman compensation insurance on them and their employees, which will protect the owner and the employees in accidental cases. They might also void warranties on the products installed by them. Besides, we all want a legitimate contractor who will live up to their bargain till the end.

A contractor needs to fill specific requirements to get a license that makes him or her legitimate. It costs them money, effort, and lots of paperwork which assures us proper insurance, the right to report if anything goes wrong, and even go after their surety bond.

It wouldn’t be really great to pay for their hospital fees if they get injured in the construction process as the contractors without a license do not have the workman compensation insurance for them and their employees. It might cost us $40,000 lawsuit extra that will surely exceed our budget badly.

  • Not looking for references and suggestions:

Summary: Ignoring this part will increase the risk of not getting the perfect home we are dreaming of and also increase our time in retable researches.

When we work with someone already experienced in this field with our friends and families reference, we get the chance to see real-life examples and rely on them knowing how they worked before. So there are no alternatives to this task.

As soon as we plan for our project, we start searching for a perfect contractor for our custom house. The stress goes down a lot when we get someone who did a similar job from a trusted source. So we should never forget to ask our friends, family members, or neighbors who have had a similar experience with a positive outcome.

 Roofing mistakes:

One of the most important parts of our home is the roof, which protects us from all kinds of weather and keeps us safe from natural disasters. Installing a roof can be expensive, so we won’t want to spend extra money to fix it if something goes wrong shortly. It’s always better to avoid mistakes and make them as sustainable as possible.

  • Improper attic ventilation:

Summary: we need to let the attic breathe in every weather and prevent harmful fume from building up inside.

 AC units and furnaces placed in the attic need proper fresh air to operate for a long time without excessive maintenance. The attic gets fully encapsulated from the trash, bragging the roof causing moisture problems and maintenance issues.

We also don’t want fumes to build-up due to a punctured gas line or carbon monoxide poisoning. These are the cases that recently occurred in many Dallas houses for not having a proper ventilation system in the attic.

  • Forgetting to install a drip edge:

Summary: Not installing a drip edge will cause damage to our home. Besides, it’s also included in the building codes nowadays.

It might save us some money in the short run, but we will have to face the consequences in the long run with more spending. The roofs without drip edges cause water to end up under the shingles and cause severe damages. These drip edges will help redirect water from any source to the gutter directly, without contact with the walls.

Living room mistakes to avoid:

Each room is designed differently as each of them has different purposes in the house. The living room is a place of comfort, a place for family stories and happy reunions. Therefore, we need to design this room as perfectly as possible.

  • Not considering foot traffic flow:

Summary: From the furniture, we add to the decorating items, we need to consider the required space and how we will use it.

It is always advised to think about the foot traffic and flow of walking while designing any room. It’s very unpleasant when things are not placed properly and disturbs our flow of walking around a room. A living room should be inviting and comfortable to serve its purpose properly. So we need to arrange furniture and décor in a way that will not interrupt logical pathways.

  • Improper lighting system:

Summary: the wrong lighting system can change the living room’s total look and might also make it a bit uncomfortable.

We have to choose the perfect place and perfect type of lights for our comfort zone. For both daytime and nighttime. If we want a calming feeling while sitting in the living room, we should consider warm lights. The lighting system will negatively affect us if we use harsh lights in this area. We also have to consider incorporating natural light sources.

Mistakes to avoid while designing bedroom:

This is a room that fulfills the core need of a house, and while building a custom house, we get every opportunity to make it the way this room will fix our needs.

  • Forgetting the bed placement while designing:

Summary: Planning the bed placement while designing the layout will decrease a lot of stress, give it a proper look, and make a place for better sleep, which is the basic requirement of this room.

 We can always move the furniture whenever we want, but it will become a lot more difficult if we don’t plan the possible bed placement structures while designing the layout. We can also include furniture later in a preplanned bedroom layout. We also have to consider our sleeping habits while planning our bed placement.     

  • Adding more accessories than needed:

Summary: too many accessories can make a bedroom look cluttered and uncomfortable.

 The accessories we are going to use to decorate our bedroom will reflect our taste and style. We have to make it comfortable at the same time. So we have to add accessories in the right number and place following some recent trends and our own personal touch.

A perfect custom home builder will help us know the process and track down options and explanations. So choosing a good custom builder is an essential task. If we plan things, do proper research and try to avoid these mistakes, we will be able to walk a bigger step ahead towards getting our dream home build.                                                              





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