Apr 12, 2021 | Kitchen Remodeling

Cost Effective Ways to Wemodel your kitchen




Planning for a renovation takes a lot of effort and financial commitment. When it comes to kitchen renovation, the effort and spending are almost double that of most other renovations. The cost starts from $20,000 and can go up to $60,000, depending on the remodel scale we plan to do. The costing cannot be decreased in many cases but can be reduced in some hidden or unnoticed ways—all we need to keep in mind that the renovation is cost-effective and nothing done is necessary.

Our hearts might start sinking after reading the numbers needed to be spent if we are planning big but have a small budget. But we shouldn’t give up hope yet, as there are many ways out there which will help us make our spending worthy and cost-effective.

Shop around by exploring appliances shop ourselves:

Shopping around by comparing things is one of the best options before any renovation. We can explore many shops and compare the prices alongside. For instance, if we liked a tile and after exploring few more shops, we realized that another shop is giving a discount on that tile. Wouldn’t it be great to buy it from there and save some dollars? Another possibility is choosing something else more fabulous at a lower price but without any comptonization. We will have many options and ways to make our kitchen look great and make it more cost-effective by following this initial step.

Sell some old stuff:

hen we are planning to change all the appliances, it is always better to sell the usable ones in the stores or websites, which helps sell secondhand products. The style we want to change might be something someone else is seeking. So, as he or she can save some money by buying it, the money we got from it might increase our budget a little more and get the stuff we want.

Do some jobs yourself:

If someone is expert and confident enough to handle some jobs independently, it will not do any harm but save some money instead. Besides, there are many hardware stores and community colleges that help learn many things regarding renovation projects and provide much useful advice. The good news here is, these educational resources are often free of charge.

If we are expecting the work to be done faster, it’s better to hire professional contractors. However, if we don’t have a tight timetable, we can finish the stuff we want to and then hire the workers to finish the rest or maybe work with them by dividing tasks that we will do and leaving the rest for them.


One of the biggest costings is needed in this part. It might sound surprising, but as much as 40{ddb57a878d87dfb9ba118e3fe1070f9142b6527dadbc49d3b2d4df34ace8e51b} budget is used in installing cabinets. However, the costing mostly depends on the material we choose to use. There is a various range of materials in the market.

  • Laminate: this easy-to-install material is made of compressed paper or from a core of particleboard. Laminate comes in a wide range of colors and will cost us $5 to $25 per square foot.
  • Quartz: if we prefer the looks and hardness of a natural stone slab, we can go for quartz, also known as engineered stone. This very durable counter is made of quartz chips and will cost us $20 to$60 per square foot.
  • Granite: with different looks in each slab, granite has also gained the fame to be one of the most durable materials for countertops. This will also cost$20 to $60 per square foot.
  • Butcher block: this material has a hot look and is made of thin strips of wood bonded together into a slab. It will cost you $20 to $65 per square foot.

Don’t replace everything:

Before selling or dumping everything, think about their condition for one last time. If the appliances are in good shape can be used for another long period of time, we should consider keeping them. If the worrisome fact is the style or color, we can paint them to create a matching look with the new style.


Perfect lighting is a great way to enhance the looks of the kitchen. It usually takes 5{ddb57a878d87dfb9ba118e3fe1070f9142b6527dadbc49d3b2d4df34ace8e51b} of the remodeling budget with a range of $1000 to $2000. While designing the lighting system, we have to avoid making it too bright. We can install some accent lighting under the cabinets by plugging it into the wall outlets. These lights will cost around $20 each. We can also go for the energy-saving bulbs, which are quite bright and costs $20 each. These lights also have a longer lifespan.

Always look for quality, not style only:

While buying new appliances, we should check for the reviews first to make sure it’s durable and worthy of the money we are spending. Consumer reports show that the pricy and stylish appliances have failed to perform as expected and come with a low life span most of the time. It will be a great hassle if we need to change them just a few days later or must repair them in a short period of usage.


we have to determine first whether the flooring needs to be change changed totally or not. As we can gain a new look just by cleaning it by the professionals who will cost around $450-$500. If this doesn’t work, there is another easy-going DIY option: peeling and sticking vinyl tiles. If the floor is undamaged, we can install these tiles directly on the old floors. The vinyl tiles will cost $1 per square foot.

Another life-saving option is painting the floors after cleaning them properly. The floor can be cleaned with sandpaper, and then after rolling on a coat of primer, we can paint the floor. We can also make it more protective and sustainable by adding one or two layers of water-based polyurethane. This whole process can be done for only $100, including any kind of stripes, checks, and stenciled designs.


It’s not always possible to remodel the kitchen the way we want in our budget. So, a better option is doing it in stages instead of doing it at once. We can do the flooring this year and buy some appliances this year and do the rest in the next two years. This way, we can make bigger budgets and slowly gain the looks of our dream kitchen with 100{ddb57a878d87dfb9ba118e3fe1070f9142b6527dadbc49d3b2d4df34ace8e51b} satisfaction. It’s always better to start planning earlier, do the research needed, and take adequate time to prepare before starting a kitchen renovation project.




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