Exterior design comprises the homes’s shape and size, how it is going to mtach with the naighbouhood and the impact it has on people. designing a home is a matter of personal taste, but we can also get practical benifits form designing or remodeling it

How Long Does the exterior Project Take?

The time will depend on the requirement of the specific project. Generally, 1 week is enough if all the plans, styles and ideas are ready to share. This will help the project complete in a faster way. After the design phase the project will take around one month to complete if it is less complex. However, the time might increase depending on the complexity of the project.

How does the overall process work?

To start the project finding an expert designer and explaining him or her about what we expect can be the first task after being sure what we really expect. We have to explain them our taste and choice very clearly so that they can work without any confusion and deliver us exactly what was expected from them. Try to choose such designers who are co-operative and experienced enough in the type of work they are going to do.

What is the best timing for exterior painting of house?

The best weather for exterior paint is dry and clear season with lower wind. The humidity have to be neutral, not too high or low. If these factors fluctuate often, then the texture of the paint will be inconsistent along with the appearance.


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More About Exterior Design

While choosing a design for a home we must keep in mind that the outcome has to go with the surrounding area and blend effectively with the neighbourhood.

 we can change the total oputlook of our house by professional exterior designers. The services they offer might vary a lttle bit in different companies, but mostly they offer-

  • landscaping
  • hardscapes
  • irrigation
  • swimming pools
  • additions and remodels
  • outdor lighting
  • outdoor kitchen
  • garden design
  • drainage system
  • wrought iron and more
How to prepare the surrounding before exterior painting?

Before painting walls of the house, make sure that all the damages are repair on the wall. After that protect the doors and windows by covering them, so that they don’t get paint stains. Don’t forget to give the walls a thorough scrubbing before painting.

How much should the outdoor lighting cost?

Professional outdoor lighting will cost a bit more than regular one. However, the average cost for installing outdoor light start from $1500 and can go up to $6000. At low end the costing is from $2000 to $3000, but at high end it will take $5000 to $6000.

Should I keep some extra money in the budget?

Home renovations are complex projects. So when we make a budget, keep some extra money aside for unplanned expenses. Besides, there can always be an additional expense popped up from a new style or changes you choose.

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