Apr 2, 2021 | Home Addition

Home Addition to Have Extra Space and Look Within The Existing House




After spending a considerable amount of time, your house might make you feel the modifications needed to be done to it. Maybe you feel this too when you face troubles when your home seems congested in times of Christmas, Birthday parties, family get-together, and other times when you invite your friends and family over. A home addition is one of the best solutions in this case. Not only for guests, but you might also need it for the new members of your house, maybe for in-laws. Putting your home for sale with some extra modern looks can also be the reason.

A home addition can be a fantastic way to change the looks and add more space to your house. You can expand your house in many ways. You can do it vertically and also horizontally. You might add a suit for a particular family member or might want to expand the place you use for relaxation. There are many ways actually and many unique ideas.

A huge cozy room for relaxation:

Changing your room’s looks and treating it for quality hibernation is a very significant step to take. There is nothing wrong when the looks bore you more than ever and make you feel like a change is needed.

You can choose any style to please yourself. It can be a craftsman style or maybe a rustic style. You may want to give professionals a chance to install some laminate or pine floors, a white coved ceiling, a fireplace of your choice, and many more things. You can replace your furniture later to give it a classier look.

Light and airy room:

After a busy week, a lightroom with lots of air and lights is the perfect thing you need to relax. You can remove the cabinets, walls, and closets that are unnecessary and replace them with glass walls, choose a light soothing color for the room, maybe recreate the floor by replacing white or light color marbles, split the source of lighting so that you can get as much light as needed. Just decorate it with soft furniture and try not to block the windows with it. Also, contact architectural design services for more ideas and advice on the best to design it.

Suit for in-laws:

You might need another spacious bedroom with a sitting space. It can be on the first floor if you plan to add one for older family members, and for younger ones, you can add up one on the second floor. It’s not uncommon nowadays having other family members around. They might be waiting for their house to be built or maybe seeking a job.

An extra room over the garage:

Building an extra room over the garage can be a great way to expand your home. It can be a study room, a room for guests, or your new family member. You can design it however you want. Just research a bit about designs, choose a color according to the room type, or decide what purpose it will be made for.

Making your attic a tiny bedroom:

This space is unutilized in many houses. But why leave it alone when you can use it and create some extra space. A room in the attic can be a great study room. Away from the noises of the whole house, this is the place where your children can concentrate on studying. Not only for children, it can be a room for yourself also. Maybe use it for a family member as a small bedroom with less furniture to keep it specious. There are many more ways to use up a room in the attic.

Adding a wood siding by replacing vinyl: 

You can switch from vinyl to wood siding. It will not only look great but also add more value to your house. But try to use high-quality wood instead of low as you don’t want your siding to get damaged shortly. There are various types of healthy woods from where you can choose. It will also create a more rustic look.

Expand vertically:

Expanding your home vertically will change the whole outlook of the house and increase a lot more space. You can use the second floor for entertainment purposes only, like creating a game room, a theatre for the family or adding more bedrooms. You can make rooms for guests and other family members, make a bigger study room for yourself, or maybe a workout place. There are many options to think about when expanding vertically as the space you get is enormous. If you are thinking about a significant expansion, this is a great option to do so.

Expand by adding a room made of glass:

A room made of glass can be a significant expansion. You can make a sunroom starved for sunlight. It can be less expansive and a more conventional addition. Also, the sunrooms require less permitting. Choose less furniture for this type of glass room. Maybe some light furniture for sitting purposes and a table with some stands for keeping your books and magazines.

Adding an extra open space on the second floor:

It will not only add more value but create a classier look from outside and inside. The room attached with a balcony can have more light and air in it. It is a great way to create a place for relaxation anytime with a cup of coffee. It will bring the outside in and let you have a scenic view. If you plan to sell your house, adding an open space like a balcony can add a lot of value to your home. Your house will fall in the list of premium houses just because of the exterior looks.


If you live in a four-season region, not having a mudroom can inconvenience you because of the snowy, muddy, and wet seasons you have. A mudroom not only solves your problems but let light in with the glass doors and windows and brighten up your house if you design it this way.


When you decide on changing the looks, adding more space, and extending your house’s value, you have to consider many things before doing it. Research properly, select your contractor wisely, choose the designs keeping everything in mind and then go for it. If you do the homework correctly before starting the addition, it cannot help but look great and give you the expected result no matter what.

Home additions can be a tremendous headache if you don’t follow proper steps before doing it. You have to plan carefully for every stage and make yourself ready. Understand the facts that might not work for you and research every part carefully.




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