Home addition is the most appropriate way to add more space in the house. After living for a long time in a house, or maybe if the number of family members increases, the need for extending the house arises, we can either extend the house vertically or horizontally. The choice is totally up to us. Home addition doesn’t only increase the space inside the house but also increases the house’s value.


Can I complete a home addition project on a lower budget?

Every renovation or remodeling project has both cheap and expensive ways to make it done. The amount of money depends on the materials, styles, interior designs, and appliances we use. Try to roam around the shops and look for discounts on products of the same quality. The materials that are cheap but sustainable can be used.

How much do I have to spend on a home addition project?

The cost will depend on the style, material, and time as we said before. But here is a list of average prices for different types of home additions. hope it is going to help.

Garage Addition: $61,000

Bathroom Addition: $45,000

Family Room Addition: $86,000

Sunroom Addition: $76,000

Upscale Bathroom Addition: $76,000

Master Suite Addition: $110,000

Upscale Master Suite Addition: $235,000

Upscale Garage Addition: $90,000

Two Story Addition (master suite over the family room): $165,500

How long a home addition project takes?

If the planning is done along with getting permits, and designing phase, the overall project will take 1-2 months on average. But if it is not, then it can take up to 4 months . not to mention the times also depend on the season you choose to start the project and the complicacy of the project.


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More About a Home Addition Project

The whole project of home addition can be challenging yet very exciting and enjoyable. some proper steps needed to be followed to make this journey smoother and avoid making mistakes as much as possible.


One of the most important steps is choosing the right contractor for the home addition project. If the budget is tight, don’t consider selecting a contractor at a cheaper rate. There are many other ways to reduce costs as an inexperienced contractor might fail to meet all the badly expectation badly. It wouldn’t be very significant to get a renovation you didn’t expect even after spending huge money on it. So be extra careful while choosing a contractor.


It’s advised to change the look of the room positively and more aesthetically. Ideas in magazines and on the internet are very helpful to make it look modern and classy. Choose a design that goes with the owner’s lifestyle and will complete its purpose successfully.

Will the addition add value to my house?

The value addition will depend on the type of home addition that has been planned to be done; if the extension is done just for a bedroom or make a sunroom, the value will increase a little bit. But if a whole second floor is added or we add a fancy balcony on the second floor, it will increase the value more than other additions.

Can you request changes while the construction is going on?

It’s not a wise idea to make any change after the designing phase. Especially if we have already made a budget and plan to follow it, the changes made will cross it for sure, and we might need to pay twice what you expected for the difference.

Can I live in my house while the remodeling is going on?

In general, we can use the other place of the house while one or two parts are being remodeled. The workers will take care of the part under construction, and we might experience livable remodeling. Some people might find it awkward living in a house under construction, but this is a benefit able fact actually. we can see what’s happening daily and create clear communication with the contractor. You can always point out if anything is not going the way you showed them.