Mar 17, 2021 | Kitchen Remodeling

How to Avoid Common Kitchen Remodel Mistakes




One of the renovations which need substantial financial commitment as well as sincere planning is a kitchen renovation. When we decide to move a step ahead, especially which requires a fair amount of spending, we have to do it very cautiously. Inadequate planning and smaller mistakes can fail our expectations or maybe increase the cost more while renovating. So we can finish the work perfectly within our budget amount and get your dream kitchen done or regret it even after spending an immense fortune and think of re-doing it, well it’s up to you.

Many facts can make our kitchen perilous or make us feel uncomfortable while working. To make money worthy that we are spending, we need to avoid some common mistakes. It is always better to give a little time to research and save ourselves from regretting later.

Don’t do it all alone:

A kitchen renovation is different from other renovations. The installation and design done here need experienced designers. So doing it all alone might be a harmful idea if we expect a good quality renovation to be done.

We should consult a good designer before starting the project. A professional in this area can give tips and advice and even provide some ideas that haven’t been considered yet. Researches also need to be done while finding a contractor as settling the first company we get by flipping the yellow pages might not be a good idea.

Have clear goals before starting:

We need to set our goals clearly before starting the project without confusion. Maykut says, “People often put the cart before the horse.” Which is a terrible idea in this case. We need to find out our expectations, its standard, and the benefits we are expecting from the renovation.

The first step in this part is finding out the problems we are having with our current kitchen. We need to note it and try to find the solution within our budget by consulting a contractor. Then we can move on to the designing part. We must keep our lifestyle in mind while clearing the layout and designs.

Don’t forget to have a clear vision of the layout:

The main three critical zones of the kitchen are the stove, the refrigerator, and the sink. While working there, we mostly move back and forth in between these three zones. Thus, it is essential to have a clear vision of the layout we will follow to set things up. The design has to be made by following our preference.

The best way is to put them in a triangular formation, as it will keep the workflow. It will also spare an ample amount of space make working there easier.

Utilize every inch possible:

A clutter-free countertop isn’t a bad idea. We have a clean kitchen but deception at the same time is what most of us want. We can replace the shelves hogging the space in it with some wall cabinets, racks, and hooks. Toe-tick storage is also a good idea to keep things that are not used very often.

Try avoiding fragile materials:

Don’t let the looks of a material deceive you. Try to choose durable ones instead while choosing them for the kitchen. For instance, quartz can be a good option if you want looks without having any problem. On the other hand, try to avoid laminated cabinets as this material is not much heat resistant. Limestone and marbles are easy to get stains on. Again you can consider thermofoil for lacquered cabinets which are inexpensive and more durable.

Let in enough light:

Controlling the lights and having enough sources is one of the essential central facts in a kitchen. Having an inadequate conception of light and not proper place can make our life more challenging while working there. The best way to have shadow-free light is by installing task lighting. Without having it, chopping vegetables, using cooking surfaces, and preparing meals can be difficult.

If we want to make our kitchen look bright and lively, we must install accent lighting. And, of course, the overall illumination is essential. While designing the lighting system, we need to think about natural light’s effect on everything inside our kitchen.

Don’t install cheap ventilation:

Installing cheap ventilation will cause you a smoky environment all around and decrease the life of your appliances. Moreover, just because the food smells yummy does not mean we want to smell it for a couple of days. We also don’t know what smell it will create mixing with other odors in the house.

So we should not take such a risk and spend enough to have a food ventilation system. To transport the unwanted air outside, a quality air intake on a range hood can help. It’s always better to spend more now than spending double in the future.

Don’t give up the counter space:

Having very little space for the countertop, not a good idea. So use shelves and racks more to keep this space free and spacious. It is enjoyable to work on a clean, spacious countertop while having a little chat with others. Besides, a messy countertop with a small space can make you depressed while working.

Choose appliances first and then go for remodeling:

This task should be kept at the very beginning of all functions. As they have to match the measurements and fit into the counters and cabinets, we have to buy them earlier. The more you delay to complete the task, the more complicated things might get. It can even mess the whole project and cost you more than usual. So be ready with things, match the style, color and you are prepared to go.

Forgetting to include space for storage:

Keeping everything in the kitchen might make it look shabbier and a bit messier. Having space for storage solves this problem. We can organize everything in it, and things can be found easily while working. Then again, don’t keep too much space for storage, as it might backfire this concept.

Renovating a kitchen can be a tremendous headache if not planned carefully. As we need to spend a lot on this project, we need to avoid mistakes as much as possible. Clear and organized plans will help us to go through the pathway smoothly. To have the kitchen we dreamt about, we need to do our work from behind, which will also come out as a cost-effective renovation.






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