Apr 12, 2021 | Kitchen Remodeling

Inspiring Kitchen Countertop Styles




The perfect way to give the kitchen a stylish, luxurious, and modern look is by choosing a unique design for the countertop. The countertop affects the looks of the kitchen and affects how much we enjoy cooking our meals there. Many options are available out there to choose from while we are out for our material hunt. We cannot just select a material and style out of nowhere and start the project. This process is a bit more complicated than we think. The material has to go with our budget and has to match our lifestyle. Besides, It has to be a timeless style we will want to live with forever.

A countertop that pops out in between the cabinets:

The secret lies here in contrast. Choose a color for the countertop that will be in good contrast to the colors of the cabinets. We can choose lively colors such as lime, yellow, orange, bottle green, and many other colors. We need to keep in mind that it goes perfectly with the cabinet or wall color we choose. The countertop will stand out and give a lively and fresh feeling every time we go in there and work.

Hybrid material countertops:

First introduced in 2013, a high-tech hybrid of materials such as quartz, glass, and porcelain is a newcomer in this industry. These countertops are called Dekton countertops. The surprising fact is the look of rusted metal which is yet very smooth to touch. Using this material will make the very kitchen eye-catchy and the focal point of the whole room. This countertop will be a great choice to add an industrial charm to the place and as a conversational piece. The durability is also very high and doesn’t need to be resealed like other stone countertops.

Concrete countertop:

With concrete countertops, we will be allowed to choose from various design options, color, size, and thickness rather than sticking with the classic gray color like industrial countertops. The countertop needs to be thick, poured concrete created by a specialized company that specializes in it. Besides, this is the only countertop that will adapt to your kitchen environment, rather than your kitchen to adapt the countertop.

Stainless steel countertop:

Thanks to its durability, this style is becoming a trendy option for many homes nowadays. It also gives the home a look like restaurants. Most of the metal countertops are made of surface dings and rust. We can impress our friends and family with this shiny non-porous, and marvelous countertop.

Wrapped kitchen countertop:

If we plan to create a color contrast look in the kitchen, a wrapped kitchen countertop is an excellent option. The interesting look draws the eye across other parts of the room wrapped with the same material. This is a very classy and trendy option that worthy enough to give a thought.

Butcher block countertop:

This is a very aesthetically pleasing countertop option for a kitchen. This is one of the most affordable countertops costing $20-$60 per square foot. It is also a DIY-friendly countertop, and for handy homeowners, the installation is not really a tricky job to do.

Marble waterfall countertops:

This unique countertop design drops vertically down the sides, not stooping abruptly at the end of a cabinet. The countertop continues a flow to the flooring with the same material. Based on a clean and good design, it is a theatrical way to displaying a beautiful countertop. We can make it more functional by adding drawers, lower cabinets, and even another sink if we want. Not to mentions, this style will also protect the sides of the cabinets.

Quartz countertops:

Quartz countertops have become a more popular and reliable choice because of their abundance and great strength. Though this material is a natural stone, we sometimes refer to it as human-made or engineered material. As we mentioned before about quartz countertops’ main benefit, durability, they don’t have to be sealed, unlike granite countertops. They resist staining and don’t bear threatening bacteria. The versatile colors and design can’t be ignored, which increases the beauty of our kitchen.

High-Contrast Marble:

To create a dramatic look in the kitchen, a slab of marble is a great option. The luxurious, luminous marble will bring a crisp brightness to the kitchen. The surprising fact is it looks expensive than it actually is. It is also resistant to scratching, breaking, and cracking than other countertop materials. As it is soft than granite, it is possible to give more fancy looks by adding fancy edges and all. Marble stays cool for a longer period of time; that’s why chefs and bakers have preferred it for a very long time. But it is still advised to place hot pans or pots with protection on it.

 Glass Countertops:

This is one of the most versatile materials we can use for our kitchen countertop. Glass countertops can be found in a distinct variety of style, size, shape, and color. It can easily stretch the imagination as any size and style can be created using glass material. Glass countertops don’t get aged over time and also very durable. Unlike some other materials, glass is very heat resistant, and we can place hot pans on the surface without worrying about damages caused by heat. We can easily swipe the spills, and the maintenance is also a breeze. The smoothness makes these countertops more hygienic as dirt and bacteria cant get trapped in them.

Copper countertops:

To infuse our kitchen with personality, we can choose copper countertops. The plastic and ceramic countertops are so common in every kitchen that they can help give our kitchen a look to stand out. It also adds up warmth to our kitchens. We don’t need to use fancy scrubbing pads and cleansing sprays to clean these countertops, but some warm water and soap mixture with some soft cloth to clean it. Copper countertops will prevent food-borne illness by creating an inhospitable environment for viruses and bacteria. This also a very eco-friendly product as no harmful waste is created while manufacturing the product.


After spending an outstanding amount of fortune to remodel the kitchen, adding new designs and styles makes it more lively. It makes the place more work-friendly and comfortable. Therefore, it is a must to choose the material and style wisely that goes with our lifestyle and makes us feel happier when working in the kitchen.




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