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Interior Design Trends That Will Change The Overall Looks of A Custom Home




A custom house project’s experience can be amazing if we do things right and in a proper way. While dreaming of a house, we expect it to be the way we want and make every pennyworth. We cannot ignore one of the most important parts of this project that upholds our taste and style, the interior design process. It is not unusual to be confused while choosing the styles and designs for our dream home. We cannot just change it without any hassle or money after completion, and everyone wants fewer complications in such lengthy projects.

To make this task a bit easier and reduce stress, we can follow some tips and suggestions that will help us get wonderful interior looks and positively reflect our taste.


We are going to start with one of the most important rooms in our house. A bedroom is where we can relax, sleep and have our privacy at the end of a hectic day. This room needs to be perfect in every possible way to satisfy our core needs.

  • Keep it simple:

Decorating a room is not just about putting in more accessories and furniture. It will do nothing but make the room look congested and create unnecessary foot traffic. Try to choose lightweight furniture, which is termite resistant and more durable nowadays. It is advised to place the bed in the center of the main wall to walk on both sides and make our beds easily If we want to.

We can choose the bed types from various options, maybe add two chairs with a small table in one corner of the room beside the window, add a soft rug that will reflect the coziness, and if we can be organized enough, we can add glass closets to display a treasured capsule collection.

  • Choose lighting styles carefully:

A bedroom’s main purpose is to provide us the comfort we want after a hectic day. Though we mainly use it for sleeping, it is not necessary to be dark all the time. We need to choose the perfect lighting style that goes with our bedroom style and routine.

We can use recess lighting controlled by dimmers to be relaxed with a warm tone and get a brighter light while dressing at the same time.

Sconces will satisfy some of our habits of nighttime reading. We have to keep in mind that the upward-facing sconces are above our eye level, so the bulbs are not salient.

We can also crown our bed with a halo of light and make a show-stopping statement.

  • Choose a color palette that goes with your lifestyle:

Try to choose the colors you love in this part, but also keep in mind that it has to go with the bedroom designs and furniture. Get ideas from catalogs and magazines, which has always been the staple source of decorating. We can also get great ideas using small color wheels, all we have to watch how colors relate to each other by turning the wheel.

We cannot forget the importance of color as it will uphold the style we created with accessories and furniture in the bedroom. Go for a color consultant to clear out the confusion.

Design your hallway passionately:

This is where you and your guests saw first upon arrival, which means a hallway creates the first impression of a house. Although it’s usually not very specious, we still can squeeze in some functional furniture such as a small console table to store the keys, dog leads and other essential things we want to keep there, a slim shoe rack to organize our shoes after coming home without making any mess inside and maybe add some small accessories, paintings by adding hooks in one corner.

In choosing the color, we can use lighter tones to look bigger with a welcoming, warm lighting system.

Design a bathroom that will make you fall in love with it:

After a long tiring day or before starting a refreshing day, we all spent a good amount of time in our bathrooms. So we shouldn’t forget about making it gorgeous like any other room in the house.

  • Tiles:

Tiles will give the overall delicate look we want, so it’s better to choose easy to care, durable, and beautiful tiles for our bathroom. We can go for the most common option, which is white tile. This color brightens up the whole place and visually widens the room by introducing mirror reflections. We can also choose other color contrasts options such as light blue and white and other bright colors.

We can choose many materials, such as vinyl, glass, ceramic, porcelain, plastic laminate, and many more. All these are most durable and have many designs alongside many color combinations.

  • Fixtures:

Choose the fixtures according to our taste. We can follow a particular shape; for instance, everything is square shape and steel material, or in an oval shape in zinc material to create a more aesthetic look. We need to keep in mind the main three factors while choosing the fixtures are resilience, cost, and design.

Designing the kitchen:

Before starting or choosing anything for the kitchen, we need to think about how it will be used clearly. The purpose of Every kitchen is different, so the materials, appliances depend on it.

  • Plan the layout properly:

The layout of the kitchen has to be convenient and keep the flow of walking. Place the major appliances like refrigerator, microwave, and sink in a triangular structure so that we can move fluently while working.

While installing a kitchen island, try to keep the paths 1 meter wide, and through cooking zones, try to keep it at least 1.2 meters wide. Install the hooks at a safe distance so that children get to catch the panhandles of knives hanging on those hooks.

  • The right color for cabinets:

Like any other room, please pay attention to the cabinets’ color palette to help them stand out among other appliances. This also depends on how we want the kitchen to feel. If we want our days and night to brighten up every time we enter the kitchen, we should choose light colors. Some bright colors such as orange, green, and yellow will also help the cabinets look likely with white walls and ceiling.

  • Make the kitchen efficient and specious:

We can have more space by not adding shelves or racks and adding drawers and cabinets instead. A lower drawer can be used to keep things we rarely use while cooking, and some hooks can save the space of bigger pans. All the spoons, forks, and knives can be kept organized in a drawer with partitions in it. So we should focus more on making our kitchen efficient and specious.

Living room:

It is a place for relaxing and having happy family moments that need our sincere attention while designing as the centerpiece of the house. We make this room more cheerful and trendy by adding some stylish sofa with a slim table with glass or antique small vases. A colorful and unique rug with floor lamps and soft cushions will make the room livelier and more comfortable. We can add simple 4 rack book holders that will hold some small artifacts also to create an aesthetic look.

Choosing color palettes, furniture, appliances, and many more decisions hover over our heads while building our vert own dream house. It’s always better to start way before starting the final project and take things slowly to have many options and get time to choose the right style and design for our custom house





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