Apr 16, 2021 | Bathroom remodelling

Things That No-One Tells You Before Renovating Bathroom




Renovation of any kind can be a daunting process, but when it comes to the bathroom, the excitement and stakes are somehow higher as this is the place that needs to be both serene and hyper-functional. Bathroom renovation projects can be time-consuming and costly. But if you are one of them who want their bathroom to look pristine and in good shape, it can be a good investment in the long run.

We know that you are already out there collecting pictures and styles to inspire yourself and are thoroughly excited. In this phase, we want to help you in the pre-planning process a little more by letting you know facts that no one else will while you are planning this project.

The actual cost: 


The actual cost might be a lot different than what you heard. The expense can go a lot higher than you expected because of some factors you did not think of before. So don’t get surprised and end up finishing all your fund to avoid some intense calculation.

We have already mentioned that the renovation process is both time-consuming and costly but didn’t mention how much exactly. That’s what you need to be confirmed before starting the project. You might think it’s just one portion of the house and might not cost you that much, which is not the case. Even with the primary and cheapest materials you get, it will cost you thousands of dollars. On average, the cost will be between $5,000 to $25,000, and if you go for more high-quality materials, the price can go up to $35,000.

Some factors can raise the price tremendously while renovating your bathroom. It depends on what you want to remodel, how much of it, and what you want to add inside. For example, if you’re going to remove the plumbing system, the price will go a lot up because of the contractors’ high demand. It is advised to start planning early, note things down and find good contractors at affordable prices.

Your contractor can be on a different page:


It can be a huge mistake if you don’t maintain a good communication flow with the contractor and sit relaxed after just one explanation. No matter how experienced they are, they can mix up your actual designs and styles if you don’t keep clear communication and observation while working.

Even if you are successful in finding a perfect contractor, don’t assume that they will be on the same page you are on. They might be experienced, but all of them need proper clarification. There are thousands of designs and styles out there, so it’s always best to explain to the contractor what you want in a crystal-clear explanation.

Write things down, show pictures that you want to follow, and tell them the budget. You can also ask them to cut the funding more by keeping the same quality if possible. A good contractor will always show you different ways to cut your expense short as they know better and many other ways you might not know.

Lighting needs planning:


lighting is not needed to see things inside. The lousy lighting system can turn the look you have created after so much spending upside down, whereas a sound lighting system can make it even better.

If you lack in this part of your renovation, all your interior looks that have been created might go in vain and not even get noticed well. To make your bathroom look exquisite, you need to have a proper plan for the lighting system. Bathrooms are full of mirrors and glossy materials, so the placement of lighting and the type of lighting should be chosen very carefully.

Natural lighting:

You can have a brighter and airier bathroom by considering ample natural lighting. Try to include a good number of windows and maybe a skylight into the design. If you don’t want to go with the traditional skylight, you might look for other options to use natural light, for instance, a tubular skylight.

You will get to know the proper color of the dress you are wearing and the exact skin tone that will appear when you go outside in day light if you use a natural lighting scheme.

Design the layout in such a way so that you face the window when you stand in front of the bathroom mirror and allows you to take the benefit of sunlight in daytime and vanity lighting when it gets dark.

Artificial lighting:

The sun will set at the end of the day no matter what, and you have to think about the dark hours lighting system. Try to make it look as good as daytime with perfect artificial lighting. It will be a good start to think about the layers at first.

You can provide ambient light by going for Recessed LEDs on a dimmer switch. Keep in mind that overhead light can create shadows on the face, which isn’t a good thing. This is the reason you have to ensure layer in soft lighting at head level at the vanity. Some modern and trendy vanities have built-in lighting that gives pure, broad-spectrum light and provides your skin a natural appearance. Avoid harsh light sources and bare bulbs.

Make sure to remember that you have to provide enough lighting in the shower area or a good light source if you like to read in the tub.

Storage space:


Without a storage space, things can get pretty messy and untidy inside the bathroom. This is the only way to keep your bathroom organized and clean.

To keep your bathroom well-functioning, try to keep the right amount of storage space for toiletries, towels, and other accessories needed for the bathroom. As this is one of the most used rooms of a house and where we spent our most personal moments, it must also be spacious. Without a space for storage, the things we need to keep in the bathroom will be unorganized. Of course, you don’t want to wait for someone to get you a tissue roll if you have forgotten to change the almost finished one while sitting in there.

You can easily organize all your soaps, lotions, and skincare creams in the bathroom if you don’t forget your storage space while making the layout.


Remodeling a bathroom can indeed be a very challenging project. You can get in real trouble if you don’t plan things properly and research less than necessary. On the other hand, you can make this journey a fascinating and enjoyable one by being careful and resourceful enough.





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