May 6, 2021 | Bathroom remodelling

Ultimate Guide to The Do’s and Don’t s While Re-modelling Bathroom




Although a bathroom is generally one of the smallest rooms in the house, it can still be a costly endeavor. Like most other renovations, many people get stressed and puzzled with many challenges which come up while and before the renovation is going on. This is a widespread scenario for those who are not careful and skips necessary research before starting the bathroom remodeling project.

A bathroom-remodeling project is a small yet challenging and tricky project. Mistakes made in this project can cost a lot more than we thought. even a simple bathroom remodeling project can also make a person confused and spend a lot. So it’s always better to know about the things we can do and the things we should avoid while doing a bathroom remodeling project.


Determine your budget:

This is one of the first and vital tasks to do when we decide to redo our bathroom. We might have a handful of resources, but a financial plan is still needed to guide the way of our spending journey. This will help us to narrow down the options, as too many options will easily confuse us. We should not relax and think in the very first place that bathroom remodeling is a small project and needs less financial support.

Even after making a budget for the bathroom remodeling, we should make an extra budget for accidental spending. While redoing everything, it is not uncommon finding out water damages in the bathroom, which we didn’t think of or making a big mistake in the first place, and correcting it later will also cost us more.

Determine the layout:

We can make Plenty of open space by organizing functional areas around a central space. We don’t need to follow any traditional layout to design our bathroom. It all depends on the way it is used and, of course, our lifestyle. But we have to keep in mind that we have to avoid moving the plumbing set up to ditch extra spending.

We can follow the Three-Quarters style, which is quite famous for smaller areas and features one wet wall as all the plumbing system adheres to one wall in the whole bathroom. The designs are limited, but they will save us labor and expenses.

For master baths, we can follow a style with centered storage, which is the most convenient and spacious option. The type will include storage for toiletries with two extended sinks out of an appealing entry is the most outstanding feature of this style. The master closet extends into the bathroom giving the bathroom a little more privacy.

If we want to have a shower and a bath option, too, then the dull bath is the layout we are looking for. If we have enough space, it is possible to go for this design as double vanity or extra “grooming” station.

Make the bathroom look more fascinating with high-end lighting:

For daytime, we can try using sunlight more than artificial lighting. A sun tunnel and more enormous windows can be added. We can also use bigger mirrors to make the bathroom look brighter. Place the lighting source in such a place so that the light falls directly on our faces while standing in front of the mirror.

To add the most considerable energy efficiency to the bathroom, we can go for LED lights at night time. LED lights use 75{ddb57a878d87dfb9ba118e3fe1070f9142b6527dadbc49d3b2d4df34ace8e51b} less energy and also comes in various designs. They can be used in the water safely, and the lifespan is also 25 times more than other lights.



Rush the project:

After deciding to remodel the bathroom, it is not weird to want to get it done tomorrow. Rushing the project will forbid the contractors from planning accordingly, and poor planning is the leading cause of increasing the amount of spending on our bathroom remodeling project. So it’s always advised to go slow with the process, avoiding as many mistakes as possible.

Forget the future:

It’s always better to follow a style or design while bathroom remodeling, which will serve everyone’s purpose. We should avoid thinking about our present time and ourselves only. A basic universal-style should be followed so that our future generation can use the bathroom without making significant changes after us. We don’t have to follow every instruction of universal design, but he can help a lot.

Buy things online without seeing them :

The products we find online are not always of goods quality and look the same as they were shown. Not getting what we expected or getting something of an awful quality is something people often face after buying them from online shops.

The appliances, fixtures and many other things that we need for our bathroom are not very cheap and quite expensive on the contrary. So we have to be extra careful about what we buy and where we buy from. We need to check the quality properly so that we don’t have to change it again after just a short period as changing anything again will cost us more. It’s always better to buy things for the project from the shops by going there and comparing them face to face, instead of buying things online.

Forget about storage:

If we want to keep our bathroom well-functioning, we cannot forget Plenty of space for storage. The storage has to have enough space for keeping our toiletries, towels, and other tools we need in the bathroom. This room is used very frequently and tends to get untidy often. So we need to keep the bathroom organized by adding enough space for storage. Besides, calling out someone for a hair drier or an extra towel is a hassle, which everyone tends to avoid.

Cut cost on most used items:

Cutting the cost of the items of the bathroom we use most of the time can be a big and expensive mistake. We are already spending a lot on a bathroom remodeling project. We should spend that much, which will make everything last as long as possible, at least spent on those items we use the most in the bathroom. For example, if we try to cut costs on tiles, we might face inconsistencies like crooked lines and shoddy looks. Whereas at $5 per foot, we can get suitable quality tile.



A bathroom remodeling project can be tricky and challenging. We can go through a smooth and enjoyable experience while the project is going on or have an adamant and tiring time. Again, we can get our dream bathroom in our budget or end up spending a lot but don’t get what we expected in the end. It all depends on the decisions we take, the steps we follow, and the amount of knowledge we gain before starting the project by researching on our own.






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