Apr 8, 2021 | Kitchen Remodeling

What Nobody Tells You About Renovating Your Kitchen




After spending a reasonable amount of time in your kitchen, a day might come when you feel like renovating it a bit, giving it a new look, making it handier and modern. Everyone has ideas about their dream kitchen in mind, and when the time comes, you have to take steps very carefully. Before ripping off your cabinets and shelves out, you need to do your homework.

Any renovation needs time, effort, and of course, most importantly, money. You have to plan your path towards renovation with proper research and knowledge. Otherwise, you might end up wasting all of it and not get the one you dreamt about. You won’t want to miss the tips and advice on the renovation that might make it more worthy and useful.

As there are many steps to follow accordingly, you should know what others won’t tell you generally about your kitchen renovation before moving to any of them.

It will cost you a lot:

The cost of kitchen renovation is much more than any other renovation. Well, if you sit back and notice, you will guess the reason. There is a lot of stuff in your kitchen. You are starting from your cabinetry and hardware installation, appliances, and ventilation. So you have to make a list of what you want to change in your kitchen if you have a tight budget.

You might be thinking about the cost now I was talking about. Don’t get shocked; the average price for a full midrange kitchen renovation is $66,000. Quite a lot, right? And the works I have mentioned are the parts where the highest cost goes.

But don’t get sad already and act smart. You can make significant impacts even without the cost. All you have to do is leave the layout as it is, and you don’t have to make any significant hook-ups.

Do you want to depend on your contractor entirely?:

Do you think it is wise to depend on your contractor blindly? It is a vast and vital question that you should not ignore. Suppose you are confident enough to trust your contractor fully, then it’s okay. But if you are not planning to charge whatever the contractor tells you or does, then start doing your research.

You should be aware of what you are going to do with your kitchen, what are facts that should be avoided, and what should be kept in mind. So take time, make notes if necessary and make yourself known to all these facts.

The cruel details can break your project:

While you are focusing on the main parts and big picture like tiling your kitchen or countertops, don’t forget to plan for proper ventilation.

You can get a splatter guard, an affordable option and easy to fix, open a window to get some extra light and air, add a kitchen hood to out smoke and try to freshen up the air around the kitchen using air purifiers. Of course, you don’t want to cook in a dark kitchen filled up with smoke.

 Try to increase efficiency:

It would help if you tried to increase the efficiency of your kitchen, instead of size. There is no need to blow up your walls to get square footage if you recognize and equip to the maximum utility. You can start by removing the shelves which are dominating the extra spaces you can use. Replace them with wall cabinets, including pull-out racks and drawers.

You can also place dividers, lazy Susans instead of outfit cabinets. Add some hooks to hang your mugs and pans too. This way, you can have a more spacious kitchen at a low cost with a more modern look.

 Choosing the countertops:

Choosing the countertops might not sound like a headache at first, but it might sound like one if I remind you of some facts. You have to think how much time you usually get to take care of stuff alongside cooking in your kitchen. If you have more than enough time to clean and cook and also if you are regular in cleaning stuff in kitchen you can choose the materials that need regular maintenance such as marble or soapstone. But if you don’t have enough time and a budget, you have to cut them out from the list and go for other materials like laminate, recycled glass, or quartz.


Before choosing the ideas to renovate your kitchen, there is one most important thing that only you will need to think about, and only you will understand better, and that is your lifestyle. Your kitchen has to go with your everyday lifestyle. Otherwise, you will get irritated by it in no time. So ask yourself some questions and copy the answers. For example, the purpose of your kitchen, how often you invite guests, what kind of guests are regular in your house if you want to have a kitchen to use it or to entertain your guest, and most importantly, how do you want your kitchen to function.

If you go for a plan without considering these facts, you might face problems shortly and have to renovate it or change it again. Try to make it comfortable with your lifestyle so that everything goes more smoothly after you get your dream kitchen.

Consider a double bowl sink instead of a single one:

Well, of course, a double bowl sink will work harder than a single bowl sink. You might be thinking about the extra space a double bowl sink might take as a single bowl will take less space and fit into any corner. But as I have said before, don’t think about the size always and think about the effectiveness.

A Double bowl sink will help you do your chores more cleanly. You can wash up your vegetables and dishes separately without even taking one another near. And in your kitchen, you always should the healthier option.

Consider using pre-used appliances:

You can always consider using the appliances that have been used before. There are a lot of sites nowadays from where you can choose these pre-used appliances. If you want to buy pre-used ones or new ones, that depends on your lifestyle and budget. If you drink coffee regularly, don’t go for some pre-used ones, but if you don’t and want to keep one for the guest, you can go for a pre-used coffee maker. So think carefully before you buy.



most of the time, you need to find many facts that no one will tell you. So the very first step before doing anything Is doing your research. You own research can prevent you from making many mistakes, which can break down your expectation. So as you are spending a lot of money thinking of everything carefully and trying to make the costings as efficient as possible.




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